10 june

Accreditation procedure for journalists and bloggers for matches within the framework of UEFA EURO-2020 in Saint Petersburg

For representatives of foreign Mass Media that do not have official UEFA accreditation, as well as independent journalists and bloggers wishing to cover the championship, a city press center (CPC) will be established in St. Petersburg – an analogue of the official UEFA press center.

Accreditation in the CPC is carried out until July 12, 2021 centrally through the website: https://en.media.welcome2020.ru/accreditation/.

After receiving confirmation of accreditation with the CPC, foreign citizens can apply to Russian consular representations abroad with an application for visas. The visa is issued on the basis of the list of journalists and bloggers accredited by the CPC, upon the provision of a copy of the accreditation confirmation by the applicants. The inviting party is UEFA EURO-2020. Another prerequisite for issuing visas is medical insurance valid for the entire period of the planned stay in Russia.

After submitting the required "package" of documents, the applicant receives an ordinary multiple-entry business visa for the purpose of travel "press / cor" or "press / tech". The period of validity of visas is calculated based on data on entry and exit from Russia specified in the visa application form and the duration of the medical insurance. The period of stay should not exceed the period from 01.06.2021 to 15.07.2021.

Please note that badge accreditation at the CPC for the right to carry out professional activities on the territory of St. Petersburg, Moscow, the Leningrad Region and the Moscow Region can only be granted to foreign citizens who entered the territory of Russia using the mentioned type of visa.

In the event that foreign media workers intend to engage in professional activities during the specified period in other regions, it is necessary to obtain appropriate accreditation through the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russia: