07 february / 2017

III International Youth Educational Forum “The Arctic. Made in Russia”, March 27 – April 4, 2017


On March 27 – April 4, 2017 the III International Youth Educational Forum “The Arctic. Made in Russia” will be held in the city of Arkhangelsk (Northern Russia) on the sidelines of the International Arctic Forum „Arctic – Territory of Dialogue“.

The event will bring together more than 180 young specialists, scientists, masters and postgraduate students from Russia and other countries represented in the Arctic Council and states-observers to the Arctic Council in the age of 20-35 years old, whose research or creative interests focus on the Arcticand on the North as a whole, including geologists, oceanographers, hydrometeorologists, project managers, industrial architects, health professionals, experts in the design and operation of transport infrastructure, experts industrial power, industrial and technosphere safety, transport logistics specialists, builders and designers of CBC and the GTS, shipbuilders, environmentalists, economists, lawyers.

Over the course of the Forum, teams of young specialists will work together to create the most effective strategies for developing the ‘support zones’ of the Arctic region. This work will lay the foundations for the establishment of a young workforce to implement Russia’s most significant projects in the Arctic.

10 teams of 18 people each will be formed on the basis of 14 Russian specialists, 3 foreign specialists and 1 member of the Indigenous People of the North. They will go through an educational program.

The topic of the program is – the real challenge for the development of the concept of the «reference areas»(development zones)in the Arctic.

The participants will meet and debate with the heads of corporations operating in the Arctic region, ministers, professors from the Russian Academy of Sciences and rectors of Russia's major universities.

The roundtable participants and leading experts will discuss the following topics:

Formation of «reference areas» (development zones)in the Arctic as the main mechanism for implementation of the Russian state  program «Social-Economic Development of the Russian Federation in the Arctic region till 2020»

Development of transport accessibility and infrastructure support areas – land, air and sea transport

Legal regulation of the Northern Sea Route functioning

Urban development in the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation

Health development in the Arctic zone – training of personnel and delivery of care in remote areas

Development and provision of human resources to the Arctic region.

A major objective of the Forum is to encourage young specialists to consolidate and create communities of scientists and other experts, whose aim is to come up with solutions to the most significant challenges facing the development of Arctic zone, and also to increase and develop the human resource potential necessary to provide a qualified workforce for Arctic projects.

Travel expenses to and from Moscow are covered by participants.

Transportation to and from Arkhangelsk, meals and accommodation in Arkhangelskwill be provided by organizers for the duration of the forum.

For further questions please contact representative of the Federal Agency for Youth Affairs of the Russian Federation Ms. Karina Chuykova kchuykova@fadm.gov.ru