24 august / 2020

International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2020”

International Military-Technical Forum “ARMY-2020” is held on 23-29 August, 2020, in accordance with Decree No. 1606-p of Russian Government dated 19 July 2019. The main events of the Forum, according to tradition, will be held at the Patriot Expo and at the following demonstration clusters: Kubinka Air Base, Komsomolskoye Lake and Alabino Military Training Grounds. Forum “ARMY-2020” will also be held in all military districts and at the Northern Fleet. The large-scale Congress Program of Forum «ARMY2020» will include more than 150 events of various formats in accordance with the main thematic profiles of the Forum. Traditionally the demonstration program of the Forum will be an incredibly-spectacular event showcasing the power of Russian weapons and military equipment. A distinctive feature of the Forum in 2020 will be the fact that this Forum will be held jointly with the Sixth International Army Games. The simultaneous start of two major events will allow to further expand the geography of the Forum and additionally involve in its participation the representatives of foreign defence departments.